Trail side maintenance: Oil change

As part of the series of posts about trail side maintenance, this one talks about oil changes. Doing an oil change is a basic maintenance job that every adventure rider should know how to do for their bike. Most mid-size and big adventure bikes have…


How to do chain maintenance on the trails

In this article we will have a look at chain maintenance on the trail. More specifically we will look at cleaning and lubricating your chain and what how to prepare for a broken chain. This post is part of a series on trail side maintenance…


How to deal with flat tire trouble on the trail

Adventure riding leads us to awesome places. Often in remote areas where there is no road side assistance. Those are the places we enjoy riding most. But those are also the places where a small problem can quickly turn into a big one if you…


Unexpected Benefits From Lightweight Adventure Riding (Besides The Weight)

Being self-contained and carrying everything you need on you, is awesome. But with that, come choices and compromises in what to take with you. I have become a strong believer in travelling light, for more than the weight savings alone. There are some awesome benefits from lightweight adventure riding that I did not expect. And though they may sound philosophical, the benefits are very real. Not just when adventure riding, but on any trip, with or without a motorcycle.

Skill building

5 Easy Exercises For Better Balance And Control

Introduction If you are like me, you want to continually become better at riding your adventure bike. I use these exercises to tackle trickier terrain, don’t be afraid for loose sand, deal with obstacles, go up and down steep hills, etc. And ever since I…

Tech, Navigation

Adventure navigation – Hardware selection

Navigating off-road means having a good map to look at and optionally a track to indicate a (planned) route. I use a rugged Android smartphone for this and so many other aspects of adventure riding. It is working pretty well for me, so I thought I’d share this with you.

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