Not only does the Dakar liven up the new year. The Africa Eco Race is another awesome rally raid event happening at the same time. Here is how to follow the Africa Eco Race 2020 online.

A write up on how to follow the Dakar 2020 is also available.

Where the Dakar Rally does not actually go to Dakar anymore (for the coming years it is happening in Saudi-Arabia), the Africa Eco Race actually does. And although it is a really big event, it does not get the same coverage on TV the Dakar rally does. But, of course online provides a lot more ways to get info. And kudos to the organization of the rally, they provide some nice (near) real-time info, so you can really follow the Africa Eco Race 2020!

Race coverage

Live timing

The website has a “live” section, which shows some info on the stage followed by a live tracking table. Unfortunately, that is so narrow on that page, it is hard to read. But, the full-width version can be viewed here.

On this page, you can select the stage you want to view and select your own data to display.

But, even better, the live gps data from the riders vehicles is available plotted on a map.

Live GPS data from the competitors in the Africa Eco Race 2020.
Live iritrack data from the riders on the first stage of the Africa Eco Race 2020

News from the battlefield

The twitter handle @AfricaRaceLive is tweeting short updates on events during the race, for example:

Video coverage

Ziggo Sport

As far as I know, RedBull TV does not cover this event with a daily video, like they cover the Dakar. But, dutch TV station Ziggo Sport will publish their program covering the race, the next day on their YouTube channel. Yeah, it will be in dutch, and probably no subtitles, but a pitcure says more than a 1000 words, right? And there are 24 images a second in a video 🙂

Lyndon Postkitt / Team Races2Places

Adventure rider and racer Lyndon Poskitt has entered the race with 4 friends (and a whole support crew). Additionally, he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance a daily 15-20 minute coverage of his team at the event on his YouTube channel. The Africa Eco Race playlist already contains 7 video’s running up to the event, including 3 “behind the scenes” episodes. He is riding with #100 on the fairing. The rest of his team are #102, #103, #104 and #105

Lyndon Poskitt’s “Africa Eco Race 2020” playlist on YouTube.

Hashtags etc

Of course, Twitter and Instagram are great sources to dig around for your favorite riders. Some links to get you started: