For me, the start of a new year, means the start of two awesome rally events: The Dakar and the Africa Eco Race. Here are some ways to follow the Dakar 2020.

A write up on how to follow this edition of the Africa Eco Race is also available.

Of course I am most interested in the motorcycles in particular. When I first watched the Dakar about 3 decades ago, television was the only way to watch or get any info on it. Nowadays, that’s very different, many online resources available, often for free. Here are some ways to indulge on this event and follow the Dakar 2020.

Race coverage

Live timings, news and rankings

The official Dakar website has a lot of information, but it is often not complete or available all the time. Some useful links to check out though are:

  • Live Tracking as the race progresses. This page contains live timings, news and rankings. Check out:
  • Withdrawals. Competitors that are no longer in the race.
  • @dakarlive twitter feed, mostly linking back to the live tracking/news pages on the website.
  • Dakar Youtube channel. Not much live coverage, but some background info on the event.
  • is an alternative to the official Dakar live tracking.
  • TV coverage overview. Find what channel in your country covers the Dakar 2020. The page seems to be down regularly though, so here is an alternative.
  • Dakar 2020 mobile app, is available for iOS and Android and provides a nice way to get the info on the rally, competitors, routes, etc. Also some live features are available, different media (photo and video) and best of all: notifications. So you can be notified when a stage starts and receive updates on the rankings for the various vehicles after a stage finishes.
    Dakar 2020 app in Google Play StoreDakar 2020 iOS app in Apple app store

Video coverage

Redbull TV

Redbull’s Dakar 2020 coverage is a great way to get your video fix. Daily shows after each stage. Expect about 20 minutes each episode. And all for free! The Redbull Motorsports youtube channel has a nice playlist with background info, if you are still hungry for more Dakar stuff.

A playlist with highlights for the 2020 edition of the Dakar. These seem to be short clips though.


The r/Dakar subreddit has a lot of info and discussion on the event in general. And each day will be discussed there as well of course. But the real gold is found in the “Guide to following Dakar 2020” with many more links to teams and other resources.