Skill building

2020: Do you even offroad?

Last year, I became the proud owner of Bigfoot Bike, a 2008 KTM 690 Enduro. And since then, I have started to practise a lot to improve my offroad skills. And of course I want to continue getting better this year. Here are my plans….

Africa Eco Race

How to follow the Africa Eco Race 2020

Not only does the Dakar liven up the new year. The Africa Eco Race is another awesome rally raid event happening at the same time. Here is how to follow the Africa Eco Race 2020 online. A write up on how to follow the Dakar…

Dakar 2020

How to follow the Dakar 2020

For me, the start of a new year, means the start of two awesome rally events: The Dakar and the Africa Eco Race. Here are some ways to follow the Dakar 2020. A write up on how to follow this edition of the Africa Eco…


How To Prevent Getting Punctures And Keep Riding Forever

A puncture on the trail is no fun. But proper preparation before you start your ride, can greatly reduce the chances of getting a flat in the first place or at least allow you to get to a place to fix it, safely. Here’s some info I recently learned while researching the topic.


How To Change Your First (Tubed) Motorcycle Tire

I have fixed many bicycle punctures, not a problem. But the thought of removing a motorcycle tire from its rim and putting it back on, has always intimidated me. Until last week. I ordered tools and tires from Adventure Spec and gave it a go in my shed.


Welcome Bigfoot Bike: A ’08 KTM 690 Enduro

For over 2 decades I have been riding motorcycles. I have owned 6 motorcycles until now, but riden dozens of different models. From R1 to a Harley, naked bikes to full-on touring big rigs. As a boy, my bedroom was plastered with race bikes. I…

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