For over 2 decades I have been riding motorcycles. I have owned 6 motorcycles until now, but riden dozens of different models. From R1 to a Harley, naked bikes to full-on touring big rigs. As a boy, my bedroom was plastered with race bikes. I loved Honda’s Fireblade when it was first born in 1992. Even made a t-shirt of it with an image I cut out of a magazine. I was 14 at the time. 🙂

And yet, I had never riden anything off the pavement. Nor did I have the desire to, until 2011. I had seen Charly and Ewan’s documentaries on the BBC when living in London, and years later a friend and I decided to make a trip to Russia and back around the Baltic Sea. We named it “Short Way Round”. And on that trip, I got my first taste of dirt. Nothing major, nothing spectacular, but it planted the seed for what just happened in 2019.

Our trip was not an offroad trip by any means, I was on a V-Strom 650 with road tires and supersoft and springy suspension. We aptly named the bike “The Ferry” as it felt more like a boat at times. My friend rode his Z1000 naked. Not exactly expedition material (although, some people would beg to differ). However, we did encounter some short stretches of dirt road in Eastern Europe and when we stayed for a few days at a friends place in Uppsala, Sweden, we had some fun with a trials bike. It was something so new to me and I loved it.

Then life happened and motorcycling took a backseat. It never stopped, we always had at least one bike in the shed. I did do an offroad day with friends and loved it of course! But ever since I learned about the TransEuroTrail (TET), an itch grew stronger and stronger. I wanted a bike that I could ride offroad while also commute and travel on tarmac reasonably comfortably.

Bigfoot Bike discovering my backyard

And so down the rabbit hole I went. Once I acknowledge the presence of an itch in me, there is a good chance it can quickly become an almost obsessive desire to learn everything there is know about it; learning about different bikes, routes, terrain, skills, luggage, clothing, wrenching, the community, you name it, I sucked it all up. But, reading internet forums are not a worthy substitute for hands-on experience. And so a few weeks ago, my hands-on journey started with the arrival of Bigfoot Bike; a 2008 KTM 690 Enduro with 25000 km’s on the odometer and several bits and bobs that turn it into what I think is a capable traveller/commuter that will bring a smile to my face.

Additionally, I wanted a way to document my experience and so I setup this site. Please tag along and share your thoughts and experiences on adventure riding!